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A growing resource for the game Zombie Castaways. Information on recipes, items, islands, and collections. Contributions welcomed and encouraged.

Main Article: Islands[]

There are many islands on Zombie Castaways. Popular islands include Star Island and Harvest Island, which are limited time islands that last for 14 days. Love Island and Big Land are completely permanent, and the other islands are progression based. Another permanent island, Tortuga, has recently been added.

Main Article: Building[]

There are many structures that you can build. Some, like House of Love, can only be built once. Others, like Mill can be built as many times as you can afford. Still yet others, like Diamond Eye, are treasures that are consumed when you finish them.

Main Article: Item List[]

Click here to view an alphabetical listing of items and where to find them.

Main Article: Crop and Recipe List[]

A list of all the crops you can grow, as well as everything you can cook.

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